New Tai-Chi Class at Praze Institute!

Starts on Tuesday 18th April 2023
Beginners class from 1 until 2pm
Introduction the week before FREE!
Nearly full! 2/3 spaces available!

Other Class Updates…

Helston – 2/3 places available
Cury – 3+ places available

Class updates for January 2023!

All classes are currently full at Cambourne Praze and Helston.
There are about 4 spaces at Cury.
St Ives and Penzance Leisure Centres are very busy you will need to book if you can.

Final classes dates for 2022!

  • Last day. Helston 19/12/22. restarts. 09/01/23
  • Last day. Praze. 14/12/22. restarts 11/01/23
  • Last day. Cambourne 15/12/22 restarts 05/01/23
  • Last day. Cury. 15/12/22. restarts 05/01/23

Tai-Chi update for 2023!

From January 2023 all classes will start the Tai-Chi 24 Form so it will be the best time to start or return to Tai-Chi.This is also called the simplified form and was complied in 1956 by Li Tian ji and others in Beijing so it is also often called the Beijing 24.

Also all classes will start the Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong which is a very good Qigong form and has shown to have meny health benefits.

There are a few spaces at the following classes:

Helston. 2. Spaces
Praze. 1. Space
Cambourne Full
Cury. 3/4 Spaces

Both St Ives and Penzance Leisure centre’s have several spaces.

This website will give information on Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung plus dates and times of classes,events and trips to China.
We practise the following forms and patterns:                         

Tai – Chi

1)  The  Beijing 24 Step Tai-Chi
2)  The Sun Style 38 Tai-Chi
3)  The Yang Style 37 Step  ( Cheng Man-Ching )
4)  Tai-Chi for Arthritis & Diabetes

Chi – Kung

1)  The 8 Pieces of the Brocade
2)  The  Excellant  Exercise
3)  The 15 Formulars
4)  The 2nd 8 Pieces of the Brocade
5)  Yi Jin Jing ( Muscle Tendon Changing )
6)  Daoyin Yangshengong (Health Preservation Exercise)

These exercises ( 5 & 6 )  have been developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association and have shown to have many health benefits, developed to suite all levels of ability.