Praze Class Updates…

The Praze Tai-Chi classes are moving to Leedstown Village Hall from November.

The Wednesday Class will be from Wednesday 1st from 10 am to 11:30.

The Tuesday Class will be from Tuesday 7th from 1pm to 2:30.

Sorry for the short notice I had to make a decision due to cost, spaces and parking.

This is only the second class that I’ve had to move in over 20 years.

This website will give information on Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung plus dates and times of classes,events and trips to China.
We practise the following forms and patterns:                         

Tai – Chi

1)  The  Beijing 24 Step Tai-Chi
2)  The Sun Style 38 Tai-Chi
3)  The Yang Style 37 Step  ( Cheng Man-Ching )
4)  Tai-Chi for Arthritis & Diabetes

Chi – Kung

1)  The 8 Pieces of the Brocade
2)  The  Excellant  Exercise
3)  The 15 Formulars
4)  The 2nd 8 Pieces of the Brocade
5)  Yi Jin Jing ( Muscle Tendon Changing )
6)  Daoyin Yangshengong (Health Preservation Exercise)

These exercises ( 5 & 6 )  have been developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association and have shown to have many health benefits, developed to suite all levels of ability.