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We teach Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung in Cornwall.This website is new and just being made please be patient while this is being done i hope you be able to find the information here soon but please feel free to contact me directly.

Classes run to a term period like school term times.Therefore the best times to start a class would be the beginning of January or the beginning of May or the beginning of September.In each 4 month period we start and complete a Form ie 
  January to April the Beijing 24 Step Yang Short Form
  May to August the Sun Style 38 Step Short Form
  September to December 37 Step Cheng Man-Ching

Also if you miss a class or two there is no problem as many of these Forms are now available on the internet to see and most of my classes are the same but at a different venue.So you can catch up easily.

   Classes are available on the following days and times:

         10:30  to 12:00  Helston
         Catholic Church Hall, Helston.

         14:30 to 16:00  Penzance Leisure Centre.

         10:45 to 12:15  St, Ives Leisure Centre.

          10:30 to 12:00. Praze Institute Hall.


           10:30  to  12:00 Camborne
           All Saints Community Centre.

         13:00 to 14:30  St, Ives Leisure Centre.

         19:15 to 20:45  Penzance Leisure Centre.

  Please note that classes are subject to change at any time and you should confirm if in any doubt.
  Also wear loose comfortable clothing with flat shoes or training shoes.
Tai-Chi Class at Penzance Leisure Centre.

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